Are You Complying With Your Building Insurance?

Fire Services and forensic fire investigators frequently report the poor condition of kitchen extract ventilation as a main cause or major contributing factor of accidental fires.

This has led to insurance companies paying close attention to kitchen extract cleaning regimes and the frequency of cleans. Failure to make sure regular and adequate cleans are being undertaken can invalidate your insurance and potentially cause a fire.

What We Offer

Premier Clean UK will draw up a cleaning schedule for our client’s kitchen extract system that complies with the most current legislation.

Firstly, we would fully survey your extract and ventilation system and ensure that the correct and least intrusive cleaning methods are used.

Then, once we have carried out the first clean, we will generate a report which will fully document your clean with photographic evidence and clear description of the scope of works carried out.

This report will then advise you of any future recommendations and required cleaning frequencies, ensuring you are fully compliant with your insurance policy and with TR/19.


Fire Dampers

Are you compliant with BS 9999:2017?

(Fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings. Code of practice.)

Premier Clean UK can ensure you’re fully compliant with both BS 9999 and your building insurance policy.

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Air Handling Unit & Ductwork; Cleaning & Maintenance

Is your AHU system working correctly?

Premier Clean UK can help extend your AHU system life cycle and improve its overall energy usage and efficiency.

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