Testing is a Legal Requirement

Every building with internal fire-resistance-rated walls intersected by a ventilation system will have fire dampers.

BS:9999 (Effective Fire Safety in the Design, Management and Use of Buildings), which governs the cleaning, maintenance and testing of fire dampers, was revised earlier in 2017. As a result, fire dampers are a hot topic for fire prevention officers. When they visit you will need to demonstrate that you are testing your fire dampers every twelve months, in compliance with BS:9999.

Are you BS9999 compliant?

Annually testing your fire dampers is a legal requirement. In some instances, prosecution can occur if buildings aren’t compliant. Your building’s insurance may also be compromised if you don’t keep your compliance up to date.

What We Offer

We can help by providing a professional service, through which we can create a maintenance and testing programme for our client’s fire dampers.

We will locate, clean, drop test and (where necessary) repair your fire dampers.

We will produce a report that will advise you of any additional access doors that need to be fitted in order to test the damper. The report will also advise of any problems with the fire dampers, and will demonstrate that you are fully compliant with BS:9999 and your building insurance cover.

Air Handling Unit & Ductwork; Cleaning & Maintenance

Is your AHU system working correctly?

Premier Clean UK can help extend your AHU system life cycle and improve its overall energy usage and efficiency.

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Kitchen Extract

Have peace of mind – use the experts.

Premier Clean UK have worked in sensitive environments for many years. Our staff are fully trained and aware of how to behave in all environments. We aim to cause as little disruption as possible to your everyday practices, while ensuring your kitchen extract is compliant with TR/19.

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