Air Handling Unit & Ductwork Cleaning & Maintenance

Maintaining Instead of Replacing

As with all aspects of maintenance, the cost of replacing AHU systems far outweighs the cost of maintaining them.

If AHU systems aren’t correctly maintained, their performance will drop dramatically – especially if dirt gathers on the coils and fan blades.

Also, due to their function of providing chilled air, heat condensation is ever present. If neglected this can cause heavy corrosion, and can often cost thousands to fix.

However, rest assured that the appropriate level of maintenance and cleaning will not only extend the life of costly AHU equipments, but will also dramatically improve performance.

Research suggests that a poorly maintained plant can be as much as 33% less efficient. Therefore, properly maintained AHU systems will increase savings on energy while ensuring your guarantees are valid.

What We Offer

We can clean an entire AHU ventilation system: from the unit, through the ducting, to the extract.

We can change filters, and can even upgrade them to make them more efficient where possible.

We can also replace belts and ensure they’re adjusted to the correct levels.

Fire Dampers

Are you compliant with BS 9999:2017?

(Fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings. Code of practice.)

Premier Clean UK can ensure you’re fully compliant with both BS 9999 and your building insurance policy.

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Kitchen Extract

Have peace of mind – use the experts.

Premier Clean UK have worked in sensitive environments for many years. Our staff are fully trained and aware of how to behave in all environments. We aim to cause as little disruption as possible to your everyday practices, while ensuring your kitchen extract is compliant with TR/19.

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